Facebook pollution

facebook-logo-reversedIt’s spring time cleaning at my Facebook account…. i am sick and tired of excessive crap that don’t add anything, except loosing my precious eye time. Facebook for me is a really cool medium to keep up with friends, family and companies. And guess what? If i added you to my Facebook friends list is because i want to ear something about YOU. Something that YOU did, some of YOUR photos or video, some great (or not so great) news about YOUR life, some place that YOU are or have been, YOUR thoughts about something, etc… Not this pollution that i currently get in my news feed.

I can even categorize the persons that i am about to remove from my news feed, “unfriend”or block.

The human hubs

These are the most annoying people for me. Just read some news (or just the main title) in the Internets, and share, share, share… Guess what? I read the fucking news in my tablet, also listen to radio and watch some TV like most people do.  I really don’t need 20 shares in my news feed about something that is all over the media. Please, please don’t do this, if the news isn’t related to you and you don’t have personal toughs or insights about it. Don’t share it with me.

The compulsive gamer

Also very annoying kind. Let’s be honest, i don’t care less that you waste your time growing virtual animals, vegetables, villages, whatever you feel like, it’s your time anyway. If it makes you happy, just do it, but please don’t send me more game invitations. If i want to play video games, i do it in my Playstation with my big TV set and powerful speakers in full throttle mode, and even all that apparatus is just picking up dust most of the time.
So, do your thing for entertainment and i do mine, but please don’t send me no more fucking game invitations (except if it is outdoors, or go and watch a football game or something similar and non Facebook related).

The political activist

These people are also a pain in the ass. Yes, these are difficult times, i agree, and maybe your are in some deep shit because of the government and the austerity policy. Maybe your unemployed and got nothing else to do but to share 50 posts about how bad are the politicians, the government and the all system. I’m far from being apolitical and if you have your life messed up you have my sympathy, but please, please don’t spend the days sharing posts against the president, the government, Angela Merkel, EU, etc… It makes you look a negative person distilling hate, notably if it is obsessive, and i have people with more than 20 posts of this kind daily… Take your cause elsewhere, go outside, write your own letter to the president, write in the walls of the parliament, show up in the demonstrations, whatever. And then please, also take some pictures of what you did to change and post them in Facebook.

The humorist

The least annoying, if it is done with moderation. Moderation, again, keyword is moderation. But unfortunately some people just share and post every each and single meme that they come across. A dog a cat and a mouse picture, share. A sentence about live with a sunset picture, share. A guy falling down some stairs, share. A pope-mobile pulled by monkeys, share, etc, etc… please use some common sense and share with moderation and with some quality criteria, not just some shit that you happened to see somewhere.

And, that’s about it. One has got to do, what one has got to do. Cleaning time now.