Life List

With no special order at all

  • Run a marathon
  • Drive on the Nurburgring
  • Drive the Transfagarasan
  • Adopt a dog (already adopted a cat but is not quite the same)
  • Live in a big/nice house already do, now “just” to own it and in more nice location
  • Visit 90% of countries in the world – work in progress…
  • Live green and sustainable. Drive an electric car after Nissan Leaf test drive, to drive electric in daily commute. Self produce enough power from green sources to all my needs (0 balance with the network)
  • Launch a mach 1 rocket
  • Master a tricky language (russian/chinese/japanese/etc)
  • Drive a F1 car
  • Watch live tennis Grandslam event (Winbledon or Roland Garros)
  • Relax in the Caribbean
  • Make a USA coast to coast trip
  • “Get lost” in India mountains
  • Experience zero G
  • Have own company
  • Work only for pleasure, do not care about money at all
  • Cross the Sahara desert
  • Climb Mont Blanc, Mont Fuji, Kilimanjaro
  • Make a Grand Canyon rim-to-rim hike
  • Write a book
  • Drive Lisbon to Moscow (European coast to “coast”) in a cheap car
  • Go back to Japan
  • Play blindfold chess
  • Fix my old VW Beetle (possible electric conversion?)
  • Build a quadcopter
  • Build an arcade machine
  • When old, live away from the city, grow vineyards and produce quality wine
  • Be happy

4 Responses to Life List

  1. Tiago Costa says:

    What about Africa Race?

    • Marco says:

      Its filed under the “Cross the Sahara desert” item, because doing the Africa Race is just a way to fulfill this dream, not an objective in itself.

  2. Uaz says:

    Transfagarasan!!! WOW! your lucky to have done that
    Best wishes for Nurburgring

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