The (bucket) List

With no special order at all

  • Donate a significant amount to medical research
  • Drive a couple of laps on the Nurburgring
  • Drive the Transfagarasan
  • Adopt a dog (already adopted a cat but is not quite the same)
  • Live in a nice house
  • Visit 90% of countries in the world – work in progress…
  • Live green and sustainable. Drive electric in daily commute. Produce own power from renewables.
  • Learn and be proficient in a difficult language (russian/chinese/japanese/etc)
  • Drive a F1 car
  • Master the wheelie
  • Develop decent ball juggling skills
  • Try ayahuasca
  • Go to Burning Man (been to Boom Festival and it’s quite an experience)
  • Go a week to enjoy the Isle of Man TT races
  • Watch live tennis Grandslam event (Winbledon or Roland Garros)
  • Watch live a NBA game
  • Watch live all SLB games of a season
  • Relax in the Caribbean
  • Make a USA coast to coast trip
  • Return to the USA
  • Make a big trip in India, ride a Royal Enfield, go to Goa, etc
  • Trek the Inca trail
  • Make a big big motorcycle trip (did the classic Picos de Europa pilgrimage but still hungry for more)
  • Jump from a perfectly good airplane
  • Go to space. View our world from space. Experience zero G
  • Have own company
  • Work only for pleasure, do not care about money at all
  • Cross the Sahara desert
  • Climb a decent mountain (Mont Blanc, Mont Fuji, Kilimanjaro or so)
  • Make a Grand Canyon rim-to-rim hike
  • Have a son, write a book, plant a tree
  • Be the best father that I can be – this IS the most important of all
  • Drive Lisbon to Moscow (European coast to “coast”) in a cheap car
  • Play blindfold chess
  • Hand build a quadcopter
  • Hand build an arcade machine
  • When old, live away from the city, grow vineyards and produce quality wine
  • Be happy, cultivate love and freedom

4 thoughts on “The (bucket) List”

    1. Its filed under the “Cross the Sahara desert” item, because doing the Africa Race is just a way to fulfill this dream, not an objective in itself.

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