After the Annus Horribilis i have to report that this year has gone a bit better. In what is known as the midlife crisis (yes, i even bought myself the convertible…) decisions have been made throughout the year, some tiny some big, that slowly (yet steadily) are improving my life as a whole.

  • Move out and away from a very unhappy place
  • Share new house with a friend
  • (Re)start sport activity
  • Set aside each and every person that is not correct or brings unhappiness
  • Take care and give back to each and every person that is correct and brings happiness
  • Balance work and real life
  • Enjoy what i have now, tomorrow it can be all gone

I also developed a very simple set of rules regarding relationships. Some may seem strange in the world as it is today…

  • Anyone already committed is off limits
  • Anyone in workplace is off limits
  • Don’t fool around, relationships are not a competition, less is more
  • Don’t rush nothing, it takes the time that i it takes
  • Be honest and correct (no matter what, whom or when)

And even if all things considered this as not been a good year, it has been much better than the previous one. I feel some kind of stand on point, and am crawling out of the hole, slowly but steady.

Very important goals in this year:

  • Focus, focus, focus
  • Don’t be late, don’t be late, don’t be late