(semi) Victorious

Last Friday (finally, 8 months after the accident) i received the court decision about the process against Allianz Seguros SA. I had to sue them in CIMPAS, an arbitration court, about a road accident, where i was hit and run by i an Allianz insured shit bag (pardon… driver) and they didn’t want to willingly pay the damages.

So, the outcome was very positive, it was proved in court that all responsibility is due to Allianz Seguros SA, so all the physical damages to the car are well covered, but i was only given 30 euro a day for the 3 days the car must be in the repair shop, which is very little to cover a substitution car. Also the judge didn’t order Allianz Seguros to pay the vehicle technical inspections (mot, tuv, etc) and re-inspections simply because he didn’t quite understand that i had to do it so i didn’t get fined by the police…. i think that he doesn’t quite understands the mechanics of technical inspections time frame, maybe he gets a new car every 3 years… if this is the new justice, i really can’t imagine how the old justice works…

Anyway, after all said and done, this is a financial and moral victory against an evil corporation (Allianz Seguros) that is profit centered only, and treats persons like numbers, that uses all the dirty tricks in the book to avoid paying. But, and it seems there is always a but, i will never get the right compensation for all the headaches of this situation, and these companies will continue to behave the same, just because they can, because the justice here is too soft with them.

More about this issue later…

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.