FreeBSD FTP mount

Mount a FTP share in your local filesystem is really easy. And it just makes a FTP client feel like dark age software, with a local mount you can freely use your commands over the files and folders in the share.

First install curlftpfs

cd /usr/ports/sysutils/fusefs-curlftpfs/
make install clean

edit /etc/rc.conf and add


and fire it up (actually no daemon here, just a kernel module load), you can see it with kldstat command.

/usr/local/etc/rc.d/fusefs start

Now we can happily mount FTP shares to local filesystem with the curlftpfs command.

curlftpfs /my/local/mount/

If you don’t want the user/pass typed in the command, and probably you don’t because it can be a bad thing ™ (out in the wild waiting for a ps done by other users…), just setup a .netrc file in your home dir with

login myuser
password mypass

then connect without the user/pass like:

curlftpfs /my/local/mount/


I had some problems with this with a server that was running flawlessly for over a year and it stalled, so i don’t recommend it for production environments, must also test the asynchronous option