Car care – AC clean and spare tyre stow

The AC clean is a very important procedure to get a good air quality inside a vehicle, it can avoid nasty bugs like Legionella developing . It is a very easy procedure, any DIYer should be able to do it with good results and saving some good money (really dont understand how some shops charge over 50 euros for this…). So, what you need:

  • AC cleaner product – i use the 1z klima-cleaner due to very good reviews online – you can get it at a paint shop or car parts shop .
  • Philips screwdriver
  • New cabin filter with charcoal element (if outside big cities get the simple no need of the charcoal).

So first, gain access to the cabin filter and remove it. The Golf 4 is very easy, lift rain rubber seal, remove the screws that hold the filter cover (located in engine bay in front of passenger seat), press clips of the filter frame and pull out. With the old filter out of the way, clean everything up (dust, leaves, cigar butts…).

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Now comes the very hard part (not), shake the AC cleaner can and insert the hose that comes with it all the way down the AC system thru the openings revealed by the filter remotion. Use half of the can there, the other half use evenly in the air vents. Remember, AC off and air blower off, open the vents and select in the dash the corresponding air direction as you deliver the product in each vents/section. After the can is empty, put the new filter in place (installation is the reverse of the removal). Then, open the windows and let AC pump air for 10 minutes with nobody inside. You can now enjoy the fresh air inside your car, so go buy something pretty to yourself with the money you have just saved.

I also cleaned up the mess that was the spare tyre compartment. I had a flat (a big rupture at tyre wall) and needed to change the tyre at the highway shoulder, so the wrecked tyre had lots of debris attached to it, brake dust, road dust, bits of tyre rubber, etc that were laid up to the spare tyre compartment. Everything normal, i just don’t understand why when afterward you get the car to the tyre shop they couldn’t care less about that mess, and don’t even pass up with a rag… what a pigs… so unless you want to carry at the trunk brake dust, bits of burned rubber in decomposition and other things that are not good to your health, its up to you to clean up, its very easy and need simple tools:

  • Portable vacuum cleaner
  • Water
  • Nivea lotion

Remove the spare tyre, wash it up with water. Let it dry. Vacuum all the shit of the tyre compartment and clean up with a rag. When the tyre has dried apply a coating of Nivea lotion to the rubber, better more than less. Check and inflate if needed. Now you can store the spare tyre and rest assured that will serve you good in case of need.

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